Thursday, 15 January 2015

Sponsors, anyone?

I am looking for sponsors for a vegan outreach project here in Udon Thani. Costs that are made for this project include translation costs English text  into Thai text for brochures to hand out to interested Thai people.

I am specifically working to make a connection with non veg ordinary Thai people, not with ex pats, or other (western) vegans. I am not interested in making social and nice projects for fellow vegans.

There is little balanced information on the internet in Thai language about vegan food, health benefits, etc.  I would like to make more information available in the Thai language and put it on the internet as a resource for Thai people.

Especially articles that explain the health benefits of a plant based diet, and in a professional way explain the health risks of animal based foods, are much needed, is my opinion. Articles from the PCRM should be the first to be translated in Thai language and put on the net.

The scattered info available on the net comes from Thai Peta supporters and focuses on animal cruelty with little informative text, emo AR slogans, and graphic photo’s of animal cruelty. A put off for many ordinary people.

When it comes to explaining cruelties of modern factory farming, my preference is translating articles from e.g. Farm Sanctuary, which are more balanced and less emo, and so appeal much more to ordinary non veg people, and put it on the internet.

Reaching out doesn’t cost much money. Really reaching out and trying to be successful however, and really connect with people, that doesn’t come easy but  costs energy, time, and consequently money. Sometimes more than one imagines.

Interested in sponsoring my project? I am also open to ideas and like to hear from people.

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