Thursday, 5 June 2014

Las Vegan Tycoon & Icon Steve Wynn Still Vegan?

Photo left. With “Lipitor” Mr. Steve Wynn had kept his cholesterol level at 180. Ditching the Lipitor and adopting a vegan diet cholesterol levels dropped to a steady 140. Big pharma looses and veganism wins.

Photo middle. June 23, 2010. Waking up on his yacht in St. Tropez Mr. Wynn and partner go vegan cold tofurkey.

Photo right. One of Wynn’s Las Vegas restaurants now offering an extended vegan menu.

UPDATE: I received confirmation that Mr. Steve Wynn still is vegan. Great to hear and congratulations to him and his partner for being vegan 4 years this month.

4 years ago a certain Steve Wynn did go vegan. I tell ya all, I had to Google to find out who this mr. Wynn was. When Google showed me the results, my jaws dropped in awesomeness. This time it was not another flimsy Hollywood celeb who had gone vegan, but a super successful businessmen, a living Las Vegas icon, number 491 on the Most Rich list. To see such a successful businessmen to be so open minded and go vegan now THAT was inspiring.

The first months we did hear much from Vegan Steve. We did hear that Mr. Steve did give each of his employee a vegan DVD, and how he hired celebrity vegan chef Tal Ronnen and added a supecool vegan menu to 13 of his luxurious restaurants. After that….silence.

Was Mr Steve Wynn the Easily Warmed Up But Just As Easily Cooled Down kinda guy? Last year Mr. Steve Wynn tried to team up with notorious vegetarian basher and meat lover Gordon Ramsey. What’s going on here? 2 and 2 just didn’t add up here. Time to catch on with Vegan Steve for a follow up interview.


June, 2010, another sunny day in St Tropez. Mr Steve Wynn, Las Vegas tycoon & icon, art collector and multi billionaire, meets with his multi millionaire pal Gulu Lalvani. Steve is surprised; “Hey homey, you look great!! Did you have some plastic surgery or a new haircut?”. “No, bro, I just did go vegan a while ago. You should try…” and with these words Gulu handed the DVD “Eating” to Mr. Steve Wynn.

That night Steve & his partner open-mindedly watched the dvd and absorbed many new facts about the benefits of a vegan diet.

The next morning Steve & partner wake up and they decide to go vegan, cold tofurkey.

Back home in good old Las Vegas, Mr Steve Wynn has 10.000 copies made of “Eating” and gives each of his employees one copy. He actively preaches to his employees and his senior management about the benefits of a vegan diet. Some go vegan due to his talks. Mr. Steve Wynn had effectively become an esteemed member of the Vegan Police.

Next, Mr. Steve Wynn hires celebrity vegan chef Tal Ronnen and adds a classy vegan menu in 13 of his luxurious Las Vegas restaurants.

These days Mr. Steve Wynn seemed a very active minded vegan. But soon the vegan news stops. Regular life continues, business as usual, it seems.

I did think it would be interesting to make a follow up and get a little bit updated about the vegan Mr. Steve Wynn, so I started to prepare for an interview with Mr. Steve Wynn, for an issue of GoVeg, a vegan magazine from Hong Kong.

Making preparations for the interview doing some internet research I did found an article from last year about Mr. Steve Wynn inviting Beckham and Gordon Ramsey to Las Vegas, apparently for making a restaurant together. This was a true WWF moment for me. Gordon Ramsey, a foulmouthed vegetarian basher who openly boasts about lying to veg customers and serving them non veg meals, who denigrates and shouts to veg guests on his programs, was now invited by Vegan Steve to do business together??

This didn't make sense. Mr. Steve Wynn was no longer vegan? Or was this a clever plot from Mr. Steve Wynn to invite a vegetarian hater and try to have a vegan influence on him? (actually I wouldn't be surprised.)

At least personally for me, as a fellow vegan, I really like to know if Mr. Steve Wynn still is vegan or not, and if not, why not, what happened, and what exactly is the story with Gordon? Is there a vegan angle to it? And does Steve Wynn has vegan plans for the future?

So many vegan questions, but until now no positive reply from the PR folks of “Wynn Las Vegas” to my request for an interview with fellow vegan Steve Wynn or an answer if Steve still is “vegan”..

To be continued… ;-)

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