Sunday, 5 April 2015

Thumps Up For The Thai Army. Thai Army Confiscates Asiatic Black Bears from Tiger Temple.

Newspaper article about the bear rescue. Notice how the media portrays serious animal issues in a "funny" way with a clever word joke in its headline. I guess it would be too much for the readers to be confronted with a more serious, and more accurate headline such as "Thai Monks Caught In Illegal Trade Of Protected Animals."

Finally justice prevails for some of our furry friends who were being held captive illegally at the famous Tiger temple in Thailand.

Asiatic Black Bears are a protected species yet Thai monks did keep 6 of them in tiny cages (to see how shockingly tiny see the photo)  on a display for paying visitors.

When the Thai army came to get the bears, the monks (i almost did write "monkeys"!!)  blocked the road. The army in return came up with a crane and hoisted the rescued bears in their tiny cages over the wall.

Tiger Temple sadly is a famous tourists attraction in Thailand with about 156 tigers. It is naively promoted, including in all western tourist guidebooks, as a noble rescue center for orphaned tigers but in reality these tigers are bred (and raised by humans) for the purpose of being displayed for commercial entertainment. It is just a petting zoo!

Rumors are, that eventually these tigers when died (and not always a natural death.), they end up being sold as tiger bones or other tiger parts on the black market in Thailand and for the Chinese market.

I am not following politics in detail here in Thailand, but it seems the Thai army in general is doing a good job with fighting the widespread corruption, protecting nature such as anti poaching and stopping illegal logging, and even promoting bicycles.

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