Sunday, 5 April 2015

Meet the New Participants For The Thai Dog Project.

The light colored dog wears a chain in the left photo. In the middle photo the chain has been removed. Photo right. Little baby dog sleeping the eternal sleep. 

Last month I did spot two young dogs near the road while on my way to the big city Udon Thani. For the next few days I daily saw them on the same spot, it seemed they had been recently left there and were currently homeless.

Previous canine participants of the Adopt A Dog Thai Style Project had successfully left the project, see previous posts, so there was place for these two dogs to be adopted into the Dog Project.

These male dogs are obviously two brothers. They sleep in a nearby abandoned house. They are very playful dogs, as can be expected from young dogs, and also very sweet and well behaving. It makes one wonder why there "owner" has left them here...
They eat together without fighting. They are a bit cautious of people.

Every day on my way to Udon Thani, I stop and feed them a handful of dog food. They soon will grow up and learn how to make friends with the locals and learn how to get their daily meal.

The light colored dog originally had a chain around his neck. Since he was a young dog and still growing, and the chain was not growing with him, this chain was getting dangerously tight around his neck. After a week of feeding he trusted me enough and I could touch him and remove his chain.

Another participant didn’t make it, sadly enough. A baby dog from the neighbors was neglected both by his human “owner” as well by his canine mother. I also suspect that the poor little guy was mistreated physically because when I touch him he would be very scared and snap at my hand.

Anyway, the poor little abandoned fellow was strolling around the house looking for scraps and already in a terrible condition. I did catch him, put him in a small cage with a clean soft towel to sleep on and fresh water and food. He did sleep peacefully for a long time, did eat some of the food, but soon died anyway, maybe because of sickness or manourishment. Unfortunately I could not financially afford a trip to the local veterinarian while he was still alive.

If you want to help dogs in Thailand, don’t take them to a shelter, these are dogs prisons with little food for the dogs and no Thai ever ever adopts a dog from such a shelter, just let the dog on the street, free, and monitor it if it needs food or not. In Thailand most street dogs are lovingly taken care of by the local people and are welcome residents. This is not Mexico or Albania.

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