The Vegan Runners Cafe

Welcome to the Vegan Runners Cafe, Thailand’s only vegan bicycle vendor!

Besides blogging and occasionaly writing for magazInes, i am also selling Veggie Burgers (45 Baht) in Prajak Park in Udon Thani, Thailand. So when you're in Udon Thani, come and visit me for a vegantastic Veggie Burger.

OPENING TIMES. Thursday to Tuesday from around 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm or when sold out. Wednesday day off.

LOCATION. 100 meters to the right from the main gate (don’t cross the bridge into the park) of Nong Prajak park, just follow the jogging lane. I am standing 20 meters near the bicycle renting shop. Exact location can be found on Google Maps,  search word: ‘The Vegan Runners Cafe’.

INGREDIENT INFORMATION. The bread buns i daily bake myself and are a healthy mix of whole wheat flour and bread flour, and are guaranteed ‘Triple Zero’; zero eggs, zero milk, and zero margarine.
The burgers i buy from a company specialized in vegan mock meats.  And no worries, also the delicious ‘mayonnaise’ is egg free and completely vegan!

CONTACT. Email: (i reply within 24 hours.) Mobile Telephone: 089 709 4284 (call or send sms message for a fast reply within one hour.)

CONNECT. Facebook Page The Vegan Runners Cafe (my personal Facebook account is Herwin Walravens.)

VEGAN RUNNERS. A few times a week after selling Da Burgers, i run around the park. Feel free to join me with vegan running, please contact me before.

PRAJAK PARK, Udon Thani, Thailand.
Prajak Park is great for serious jogging, fun bicycling, feeding the fish, or just to chillax and stroll around. At daytime a desolate place, the action starts late afternoon around 5 pm when the heat cools down and the Thai come in large numbers to be active or just relax.
 Main park activities; Group exercising with a loud upbeat music near the fire station (starting at 6 pm, free to join), jogging, walking, and bicycling, and feeding the fish. Also people do yoga. Inside the park is a large playground for kids.
Around the park are a neat two mile long jogging lane and a separate two mile cycling lane. A bicycle rent shop is 100 meters from the main entrance, just follow the jogging lane to the right. A regular one person bicycle goes for 20 baht an hour, a multiple person bicycle (for two, three or four persons, very popular with the high school kiddies!) cost a few baht more.
Feeding the fish, and buying bread crumbs and fish food, can be done at the main entrance, and at the bridge inside the park.

See ya in da park!!

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