Friday, 24 April 2015

The Artisan Natural Cakes Project.

Left. The whole wheat sponge cake of this Fruit Cake has a great flavor and a light bite. Excellent. The Strawberry Flavored Fudge Frosting also works well. I am not totally happy though with the strawberries and kiwis as a topping and will experiment a little with using exciting fresh Thai fruits.

Right. The taste of this Chocolate Fudge Cake is simply great and perfect. All it needs is a little decoration to give it just that little extra and it is ready to go.

"Developing and baking 100% Whole Wheat, No Margarine, No White Sugar cakes."

“The Challenge Is To Make Vegan Cakes And Sell Them To Regular Non Veg People.”

I once had a glimpse in the pantry of a vegetarian pastry bakery. The shelves were filled with just one ingredient; bags and bags of margarine. I Kiddeth Thou Not.

The other two main ingredients, white refined flour and white refined sugar, were in big bags stacked on the floor. Holy Crapola!!

I don’t know about you but to me a mixture of margarine, white sugar (both in large quantities) and refined white flour is not my idea of Tastiness!

And i am not alone on that. More and more people around the globe, are getting self educated about food, health, and ingredients. In the former Herwin’s Vegan Cafe my vegan cakes where popular with vegans, not a surprise because vegans have little choice and are easily excited about just anything labeled as “vegan”,  but also with a good deal of regular non vegan Thai people. Why? Not because my cakes were “vegan”, but because the cakes were made with quality ingredients and no margarine, etc. Some Thai customers even didn’t cared for that, they simply did buy one piece out of curiosity, and oh gosh!, they liked the taste and became regular customers.

I recently picked up the idea of baking vegan cakes again, and started to develop my vegan cake recipes, in mind it should be a tasty and healthy cake that should appeal to regular non veg people and can compete with non vegan cakes.

And you know what? That doesn’t have to be that difficult. As said before, most cakes commercially sold for the masses, are loaded with margarine and white sugars, and to a small but significant and growing portion of the population, just like that doesn’t appeal to me, it doesn’t appeal to them. More and more people are looking for more healthy foods and tasty foods.

Last week I finally succeeded with a Chocolate Fudge Cake, a delicious double layered chocolate cake with a full flavored creamy chocolate frosting with zero margarine or white sugar. To top it off, the whole cake is 100% whole wheat!!!! No refined white flour!! But it is such a fluffy and light cake, you wouldn’t know it is whole wheat if I didn’t tell you.

Now I am working on developing a Seasonal Fruit Cake, which again is a 100% whole wheat cake, a natural-ingredient-only frosting (and not a commercial vegan cream with saturated fats available in baking shops) and a selection of fresh seasonal fruits.

When i have developed two exciting cakes they will be for sale in various shops in Udon Thani.

To be continued.

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