Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Artisan Vegan Cake Project

Left: With strawberries and kiwi this cake looks nice.
Right: This Mango Cake taste awesome! All i have to do now is to combine great looks from the Strawberry Kiwi Cake with the great taste of the Strawberry Flavored Mango Cake.
One of the challenges of baking a cake with only natural and vegan ingredients is the frosting. 

There are some non dairy commercial toppings out there which are vegan (most so called non dairy creams and toppings though are not vegan because they contain casein which is derived from cow milk. The dairy industry though is legally allowed to label it as Non Dairy.) and give a very professional and light cream, but if you look at the thanks i say.

Traditional vegan toppings in vegan cooking books and on the net usually are made with margarine and white sugars, heaps of it, and then whipped into a fluffy topping. Not an option for any artisan cake though, or anyone with educated taste buds. LOL.

My previous fruit cake looked nice, with the strawberries and kiwi on top, but i was looking for a cake with so much thicker layer of creamy frosting between the layers.

I finally developed a creamy yet light mousse like topping that holds wonderful and is excellent for thick layers. Only natural ingredients!

Is it good? I think so, and more importantly, my Thai family in law, people of simple taste and by no means vegans, simply love it!

So far the taste and texture of the artisan cake is great. But i am not yet satisfied with the looks of the cake. It looks too plain. So the next and latest step will be to carefully design the cake into an artisan fruit cake that both visually pleases as well as taste great.

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