Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Google Play Store Think It’s Fun To HUNT LIONS (And Dozens Of Other Animals.)

Take Action: Search for HUNTING GAMES in Play Store, scroll to the bottom and “flag as inappropriate”.

Graphic Games Killing Animals For Fun At Google’s Play Store.

Play Store's Sicko Games.

Did you know that Google’s Play Store offers HUNTING GAMES?

Games where you can kill animals for fun like deer, birds, boar, and even exotic animals like lions, tigers and elephants. (Play Store Search Keyword HUNTING GAMES.)

Killing animals for fun, that’s not only sick but also a warning sign.

What Has The FBI To Say?

A warning sign? Yes, that’s right. Because a person abusing animals might later start abusing people. Far fetched? Not for the FBI who started last year to track animal abusers in order to catch potential serial killers in their tracks.

Left: Cecil The Lion And His Killer.  Middle: People leave messages at the home of the killer of Cecil. Right: After the photo shoot, the face of the animal victim is grotesquely cut off, just as it’s skin. Trophies for back home to hang at your wall and brag about how you killed a “dangerous animal”.

Cecil The Lion.

Once upon a time there lived a majestic lion in a National Park in Zimbabwe. He lived his live in freedom and peace until he was illegally lured him away from his protected habitat so a rich white dentist from the USA  could shoot him with a bow and arrow, just for the fun of it.
It took 40 hours of agony and pain before Cecil, who was struggling for his life and trying to escape, was finally killed with a bullet gun. How sick is that? Traveling half around the world to shoot a lion and cut off his head?

If you do this to your neighbor’s cat, arrow shooting it, letting it suffer for 40 hours, and chopping of it’s head, you will be ARRESTED for animal cruelty and you likely will be harassed by a lot of people for your outrageous cruel act.

By offering Hunting Games where you can kill lions for fun, Google’s Play Store is specifically endorsing trophy killing,  the killing of Cecil, and animal cruelty in general.

4 Reasons Why Games Matter.

1. A huge and mainstream web service like Google’s Play Store openly offering Hunting Games sends the message to society that killing animals for fun is accepted and normal behavior.

2. Hunting Games create support and understanding for real life trophy hunting such as the killing of Cecil and other exotic wildlife.

3. Young people who start with online killing animals for fun develop an appetite for killing and might sooner or later in life go for the real thing. On animals or people, that is. Ask the FBI.

What Can You Do?

Be a voice for the animals like Cecil and let Play Store know that killing animals for fun is not a game but promotes real life animal cruelty, is obscene and hateful, and should be banned just like other obscene and hateful things like the sales of weapons, child pornography,  hate groups, etc.

Search for Hunting Games and scroll down at each Hunting Game and flag as inappropriate.

Disclaimer. This protest is specifically against trophy hunting and killing animals for fun. It is not  against people who hunt animals for food.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Back in Da House!

Helloooo all you vegans in Da House!

How are you all doing?

After nine months of no blogging i am happy to start blogging again about my vegan life and vegan projects here in Udon Thani, Thailand.

What’s new? Well, big news, after three years living with my simple family in law near a small village in ruralish Thailand, i finally moved to the city. No more 40 minute bike rides to the city to deliver the pizzas to the shops! No more..well, o might write a book about it.

Anyway, these three years were a unique and positive learning experience but i am glad it’s over, ha.

2015. Left: McPizzas in Jay restaurant.  Middle: Taking care of several street dogs. Right: Offering a free booklet in Thai language promoting a healthy plant based life style.

When i stopped blogging last year i was baking Da McPizza and selling them to the vegan “Jay” restaurants in the nearby city Udon Thani. 

The end of last year i stopped with the pizzas and the beginning of this year i started with a vegan food bike selling vegan Veggie Burgers in Udon Thani’s city park Nong Prajak Park. For more info and some cool photo’s go to the “The Vegan Runners Cafe” page!

2016. Left: Thailand’s First and Only Vegan FOOD BIKE in Udon Thani’s Nong Prajak Park. Right: The official shirt of the Vegan Runners Udon Thani.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Interview Sharon Gannon, Founder of Jivamukti Yoga

The interview i had with Sharon Gannon a couple of months ago, founder of the Jivamukti Yoga is finally published in GoVeg, the bilingual vegan mag from Hong Kong.
 Sharon Gannon through her Jivamukti Yoga actively promotes veganism to all its students and many a student, including celebs like Russell Simmons, ditched the meat (and the eggs and the milk..) thanks to the teachings of Sharon. Chapeau!
The interview and Sharons thoughts on issues like veganism and yoga, karma, and how she herself adopted a vegan lifestyle, can be read in the online edition of GoVeg.

A Vegan In Da House Selling Vegan Bakery Goodies In Thailand.

Left: Strawberry Fudged Brownies.
Middle: Ready To Go Take Out Pizzetta for on the counter, it’s a McPizza! Yummy yummy! Dirt cheap for just two dollars, amigo!
I am on a roll, i started developing various vegan pizzettas (“Vegan Gourmet Pizzas”) like an Italian Pizza with home made vegan tofu cheese and home made pesto sauce, and the McPizza! with vegan hot dogs, french fries and vegan mayonnaise, and also different flavored fruit juice fudged brownies (“Sticky Fingers Brownies”) made with natural ingredients like Japanese pumpkins and rolled oats and natural cane sugar, and selling them in various vegan Jay restaurants here in Udon Thani.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Vegan Pizzas Udon Thani

Pizzas (and cakes) were by far the most popular vegan foods in the former Herwins Vegan Cafe in Bangkok. Turns out they are also popular here in Udon Thani.

Several Jay restaurants in Udon Thani are now selling my vegan pizzas, or should i say “pizettas”?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Dog Stories of Thailand.

A few days ago in the evening i saw him again!

This dog is a success story!

I did meet him a year or so ago at the park. A friendly local biggish dog, always happy to see me. Then, he got sick and skinny. Time for a helping hand and a daily dosis of dog food.

He was such a kind dog that he never mind another sick street dog to eat with him without a fight. 

The Artisan Vegan Cake Project

Left. Chocolate Durian Cake.
Right. Strawberry Mango Mousse Cake.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Artisan Vegan Cake Project

Left: With strawberries and kiwi this cake looks nice.
Right: This Mango Cake taste awesome! All i have to do now is to combine great looks from the Strawberry Kiwi Cake with the great taste of the Strawberry Flavored Mango Cake.
One of the challenges of baking a cake with only natural and vegan ingredients is the frosting. 

There are some non dairy commercial toppings out there which are vegan (most so called non dairy creams and toppings though are not vegan because they contain casein which is derived from cow milk. The dairy industry though is legally allowed to label it as Non Dairy.) and give a very professional and light cream, but if you look at the ingredients...no thanks i say.

Traditional vegan toppings in vegan cooking books and on the net usually are made with margarine and white sugars, heaps of it, and then whipped into a fluffy topping. Not an option for any artisan cake though, or anyone with educated taste buds. LOL.

Friday, 24 April 2015

The Artisan Natural Cakes Project.

Left. The whole wheat sponge cake of this Fruit Cake has a great flavor and a light bite. Excellent. The Strawberry Flavored Fudge Frosting also works well. I am not totally happy though with the strawberries and kiwis as a topping and will experiment a little with using exciting fresh Thai fruits.

Right. The taste of this Chocolate Fudge Cake is simply great and perfect. All it needs is a little decoration to give it just that little extra and it is ready to go.

"Developing and baking 100% Whole Wheat, No Margarine, No White Sugar cakes."

“The Challenge Is To Make Vegan Cakes And Sell Them To Regular Non Veg People.”

I once had a glimpse in the pantry of a vegetarian pastry bakery. The shelves were filled with just one ingredient; bags and bags of margarine. I Kiddeth Thou Not.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Meet the New Participants For The Thai Dog Project.

The light colored dog wears a chain in the left photo. In the middle photo the chain has been removed. Photo right. Little baby dog sleeping the eternal sleep. 

Last month I did spot two young dogs near the road while on my way to the big city Udon Thani. For the next few days I daily saw them on the same spot, it seemed they had been recently left there and were currently homeless.

Previous canine participants of the Adopt A Dog Thai Style Project had successfully left the project, see previous posts, so there was place for these two dogs to be adopted into the Dog Project.

Thumps Up For The Thai Army. Thai Army Confiscates Asiatic Black Bears from Tiger Temple.

Newspaper article about the bear rescue. Notice how the media portrays serious animal issues in a "funny" way with a clever word joke in its headline. I guess it would be too much for the readers to be confronted with a more serious, and more accurate headline such as "Thai Monks Caught In Illegal Trade Of Protected Animals."

Finally justice prevails for some of our furry friends who were being held captive illegally at the famous Tiger temple in Thailand.

Asiatic Black Bears are a protected species yet Thai monks did keep 6 of them in tiny cages (to see how shockingly tiny see the photo)  on a display for paying visitors.

Monday, 16 February 2015

NEW: Vegan Runners @ Meat Free Monday Project.

The Vegan Runners brochure that is currently being translated in Thai language.

Left: I mounted a plastic crate in front of the bicycle. When I go running I can put my stuff in there and lock it. Later I can use it to bring vegan foods to the park. I also can put a plastic container with dog food in it, and put my groceries in it.

Middle: Vegan Runners #1! Actually he is not a runner but he follows me on the bicycle.;-)

Right: Other joggers in Prajak Park.

Last year I started with a Vegan Meetup here in Udon Thani. But unlike Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Udon Thani hardly has any vegan or vegetarian expats. After two meetups I made up the balance and instead of crunching it out and organizing something that has little success, I terminated the Vegan Meetup.

Last year I also did an interview with Gene Baur, the founder of Farm Sanctuary. Besides an animal rights activist, Gene is also an accomplished amateur  long distance runner and with his running he generates a lot of positive attention for a plant based diet amongst other (non veg) runners. I was inspired!

Adopt-A-Street-Dog Thai Style Project.

Riding the bicycle or sitting in the park I occasionally do see a dog that needs just a little bit extra attention.

Before I continue I have to stress that underfed dogs are very rare. As blogged before, most street dogs in Thailand are well fed dogs that are taken care of by the locals.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

My New Vegan Project in Udon Thani.

Next week Monday I will blog more about my new vegan project here in Udon Thani.