Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Google Play Store Think It’s Fun To HUNT LIONS (And Dozens Of Other Animals.)

Take Action: Search for HUNTING GAMES in Play Store, scroll to the bottom and “flag as inappropriate”.

Graphic Games Killing Animals For Fun At Google’s Play Store.

Play Store's Sicko Games.

Did you know that Google’s Play Store offers HUNTING GAMES?

Games where you can kill animals for fun like deer, birds, boar, and even exotic animals like lions, tigers and elephants. (Play Store Search Keyword HUNTING GAMES.)

Killing animals for fun, that’s not only sick but also a warning sign.

What Has The FBI To Say?

A warning sign? Yes, that’s right. Because a person abusing animals might later start abusing people. Far fetched? Not for the FBI who started last year to track animal abusers in order to catch potential serial killers in their tracks.

Left: Cecil The Lion And His Killer.  Middle: People leave messages at the home of the killer of Cecil. Right: After the photo shoot, the face of the animal victim is grotesquely cut off, just as it’s skin. Trophies for back home to hang at your wall and brag about how you killed a “dangerous animal”.

Cecil The Lion.

Once upon a time there lived a majestic lion in a National Park in Zimbabwe. He lived his live in freedom and peace until he was illegally lured him away from his protected habitat so a rich white dentist from the USA  could shoot him with a bow and arrow, just for the fun of it.
It took 40 hours of agony and pain before Cecil, who was struggling for his life and trying to escape, was finally killed with a bullet gun. How sick is that? Traveling half around the world to shoot a lion and cut off his head?

If you do this to your neighbor’s cat, arrow shooting it, letting it suffer for 40 hours, and chopping of it’s head, you will be ARRESTED for animal cruelty and you likely will be harassed by a lot of people for your outrageous cruel act.

By offering Hunting Games where you can kill lions for fun, Google’s Play Store is specifically endorsing trophy killing,  the killing of Cecil, and animal cruelty in general.

4 Reasons Why Games Matter.

1. A huge and mainstream web service like Google’s Play Store openly offering Hunting Games sends the message to society that killing animals for fun is accepted and normal behavior.

2. Hunting Games create support and understanding for real life trophy hunting such as the killing of Cecil and other exotic wildlife.

3. Young people who start with online killing animals for fun develop an appetite for killing and might sooner or later in life go for the real thing. On animals or people, that is. Ask the FBI.

What Can You Do?

Be a voice for the animals like Cecil and let Play Store know that killing animals for fun is not a game but promotes real life animal cruelty, is obscene and hateful, and should be banned just like other obscene and hateful things like the sales of weapons, child pornography,  hate groups, etc.

Search for Hunting Games and scroll down at each Hunting Game and flag as inappropriate.

Disclaimer. This protest is specifically against trophy hunting and killing animals for fun. It is not  against people who hunt animals for food.

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