Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Dog Stories of Thailand.

A few days ago in the evening i saw him again!

This dog is a success story!

I did meet him a year or so ago at the park. A friendly local biggish dog, always happy to see me. Then, he got sick and skinny. Time for a helping hand and a daily dosis of dog food.

He was such a kind dog that he never mind another sick street dog to eat with him without a fight. 

He gently allowed that dog to eat with him, as if he knew that that (male) dog was sick and needed the food.

Another dog, not a street dog but a regular well fed dog who liked to hang out in the park, didn’t enjoy that privilege and always was chased away.

As i blogged before, at the end of last year he and the other sick park dog, mysteriously disappeared. Two dogs at the same time, that was worrying. I suspected the worst.

A month later they reappeared again! The sick dog who was recovering from a head injury and skin disease, was well fed, playful and had recovered mostly from his skin disease. He also had made friends with the local street vendors.

The other dog i met a few streets from the park. He was very surprised and happy to see me, just as i was. But get this. When after greeting him i gave him some dog food, he didn’t eat it, but walked away.

Later i learned that he had found a real home with people taking care of him.

A few days i saw him again at the park. When he sees me on the bicycle he runs to me and greets me. And when i stop and greet him back is happy. And again, when i gave him food he refuses to eat it.

Sometimes people in general are cynical and say things like, dogs only pretend to be happy to people, because they “want” something like food. It all is a base exchange; a happy face for a bowl of food.
But when i see this dog i know it isn’t true. He simply greets me with a happy dog face because he is happy to see me. No tricks, no games.

The King of Thailand adopted street dogs a long time ago and he was so impressed with them that he wrote a book about them and praised their noble character. These adopted street dogs (most or all have died by now) were/are on each official photo of the King.

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