Monday, 20 January 2014

My Trek Beach Cruiser Bicycle

My first bike in Bangkok was a light blue Trek Beach Cruiser. It was stolen within two weeks. It was such an awesome and good performing city bike that I didn’t hesitate to buy the exact same bike a few days later. 

My bicycle currently in Udon Thani.

To turn it in a practical city bike I pimped it up a little bit.

First of all I did buy three locks but pretty soon I lost the keys one by one so that was hopeless.

On a more substantional level I did install a back carrier and a seat for my baby son. In 4 years of biking to come I biked maybe three of four times without my son. That seat was well worth the investment.

I also did buy a front carrier on the ‘net. It can carry a heavy load and the bike can handle it perfectly. I use it all the time for groceries, and occasionally for <heavy stuff> and <very heavy stuff>.  Turns the bike from a recreational vehicle into a practical city bike.

On a safety level, I did install two mirrors on the bike. It gives me a great view of the traffic behind me. At least 30% of the time I glance in the mirrors to keep my awareness of the scooters, cars and trucks behind me. No mirrors ? Suicide !

One of the trademarks of the beach cruiser is it’s handle bar . Replace the handle bar with an ordinary handle bar and a beach cruiser doesn’t look like a beach cruiser anymore.

Because the handle bar is wide it gives you more control and precision. Thanks to a rising handle bar you can sit straight (and not slightly bended) which gives you the <cruising around town> feeling. Comfortable, especially for longer drives through the city.

Sitting straight (instead of bending over like on a mountain bike) also gives you a better view.

With a 3 gear the Trek Beach Cruiser can handle speed very well. Without special effort I speed through the traffic.

The only improvement that I see for this bike would be Disc Brakes which gives you more control. 

In my experience, the Beach Cruiser is the perfect city bike by far.


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