Friday, 11 April 2014

My Very Zen Eco Classic Samsung

Last week i finally did buy a new phone. It happened that i liked the (very) old Samsung from my little Thai niece, unfortunately this model was nowhere available anymore, so what i did was to buy a new cheap model Samsung  telephone (30us$) and traded it with my Thai niece for her old samsung. She happy because the new one has internet access so she can check her Facebook account.

My new old Samsung is just great. This particular model phone consists of two parts; one part is the keyboard part, and the other part is the screen part, and by folding the two parts you close and open the phone. Because of this construction, when opened, the earphone is right next to the ear and the microphone is right next to the mouth, very convenient and comfortable, just like an old fashioned line telephone. This construction also provides excellent protection for the phone.

The quality of the sound is very good and clear, might i say of a better quality compared with all the other phones that me and the wife had the last years.

This phone doesn't have internet access, no camera, no big screen filled with gadgets or games or extra buttons, no distractions or clutter, million miles away from i-Phone Madness, what a relief and blessing!
A phone that only can be used as a phone, how Zen.

By buying second hand or repairing your broken stuff instead of throwing away, you actively are reducing your negative consumerism  impact on our world. That's very eco. Besides that, it is cheaper and more fun.

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