Sunday, 1 June 2014

Jennifer Lopez Goes Vegan!! (For 21 Days + a few extra weeks)

I don’t know about you but every time I read about a celebrity going vegan it just makes my day.

Recently Jennifer Lopez did the 21 Day Vegan Diet Challenge. She was extremely positive about the vegan diet and stayed on it for a few extra weeks. Although now she  “incorporated a little bit of fish here and there" it still is great news for veganism and the animals. The influence of mega celebrities like Jennifer going vegan can hardly be overestimated.

The vegan community has responded extremely vitriolic and narrow minded. Oh, what’s new, eh.

Oprah Winfrey.

Since Oprah Winfrey took the 21 Day Vegan Challenge and took it to her TV show, the 21 Vegan Challenge has slowly become immense popular with celebrities and ordinary people. It doesn’t matter that Oprah was vegan only for a few weeks, it is her enormous and positive influence what matters.

Veganism has become accepted and normalized and become more accessible thanks to Oprah and other celebs.

Also Jay Z and Beyonce have taken the 21 Day Vegan Challenge.

Jenny Lopez.

Anyway, the latest celeb taking the 21 Day vegan Challenge has been Jennifer Lopez. And she seems extremely positive about it!

"I enjoy eating that way. I never did. And I didn't know how good you can feel when you put healthy stuff in your body."

With zillions of fans worldwide who closely follow everything what Ms Lopez says or does, her 21 Day Vegan Challenge and her positive remarks, must have a huge impact. Not that all her fans will go vegan, duh, although no doubt some will take that vegan step, but she sure has changed the image of “veganism” for her fans. There is no doubt that most of her fans will from now on view veganism as something positive and normal, not as something weird or freaky and undesirable.

The effect of celebs going vegan, is that they transform veganism from a marginal diet for weird people, into an acceptable and desirable and mainstream lifestyle choice.

Response from the vegan community.

Here we are, the vegan community. We have carefully designed and worked out ideas like the 21 Day Vegan Challenge (and the Meatless Monday, etc)  to reach out to non vegan people and so introduce the vegan diet in a nice and gentle way..

And what do we do with the finishing participants? We say look at these celebs, they go vegan for 21 days but they are not real vegans at all! Hypocrites!

Responses have been vitriolic and very shortsighted. I always call these vegans “My Vegan Dick Is Bigger Than Your Vegan Dick” vegans, because they always need to prove THEY are real vegans and other people are just fake and hypocrites. Don’t tell these vegans you use white sugar or they will stick you with their pitch forks.

Here are some of the responses on the net. The fun part is of course that Jennifer Lopez never claims that she is vegan, or that she does it for “ethical reasons”, and she also never pretended wanting to be a vegan, she simply followed the Vegan Diet for 21 days, that WE designed for non veg people like her. And sure, she is a fur hag, but at least NOW she is a fur hag who is almost a vegan. Once the glass of Ms lopez was empty, NOW the glass is half full.

Vitriolic responses towards anyone that did the 21 Day Vegan Challenge, even if the arguments are “right” (“she is a fur hag”), are damaging. Please refrain from it. This is not about being “right”, this is about winning the war and spreading veganism.

“she isn't doing it for ethical reasons. She's only doing it because she has this fear of growing old.”
“She doesn't save animals lives when she buys leather, fur and eats fish etc.. these are animals , better some then none But that’s still not a vegan .What she is pescetarian or vegetarian This story is a waster of time ..When or If she goes vegan let us know. Not that anyone gives a flying crap anyhow.”

“I have no interest in what a fur-wearing "vegan" has to say. Came here only to post this.”

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