Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My Interview With Peta 2

The photo that the good People of the Peta office did send to me for the upcoming article.

Left: Pamela is not only a super sexy woman with two great boobs, she is also a dedicated animal rights activist (and vegan!) with her heart on the right place. Besides posing for Peta and so bringing media attention to animal rights issues, her activities include writing to big companies to address animal cruelty issues. In fact, it would be very interesting to know more about the little known AR activities from Pamela Anderson.

Hello my fellow vegans, here is a photo that I want to share with you.

This week the good people of the Peta office did send me a photo for the upcoming article (the interview with Ingrid in GoVeg).

Sweet Holy Mother Of Jesus!!

Look at the photo for ten seconds.

Now tell me who and what did you look (or might I say “stare”?) at. Did you ever had a look at Ingrid Newkirk for more then a nano second right before your eyes were “magically” drawn back to Pam’s gigantic money makers? Did you share your ten seconds of staring (or if you are a male, perhaps “drooling” is a better description?) equally between Pammy and Ingrid; 5 seconds looking at Pamela and 5 seconds looking at  Ingrid? If you did I congratulate you, you are a decent person, not a dirty minded person like me.

Seriously, this photo is so way out of balance, the attention of the reader of the mag will not go to “Ingrid”, the person who is interviewed, but to “Pammy, the side kick of. To make the photo appropriate for the interview article and it’s readers I had to crop the photo, and "crop" Pamela out of the picture to make it suitable for GoVeg.

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