Monday, 28 July 2014

NEW The HappyCow Cookbook

There are already a zillion or so vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, so what’s so different about this latest cookbook?

Well, first of all, it is not simply a collection of recipes of one author, but a whole collection of the best rated vegan restaurants. That means that these recipes are not created just for this cookbook (as in many other cookbooks) but are real recipes that are carefully developed and have proved themselves to be the best of the best recipes.

Besides the recipes, there is attention for each  of the vegan restaurant with a history and evolution of the restaurant, and a Q&A with the owners. THAT, along with the real time recipes makes this cookbook unique and worthwhile to have.

The HappyCow cookbook is edited by Eric Brent, the founder of HappyCow, and Glen Merzer, co author of Food Over Medicine.
DON’T support AMAZON but order directly from the HappyCow website or order at your local bookshop.

(why not ordering at AMAZON? Real brick and stone bookshops give a fair price to publishers, Amazon doesn’t, but as a powerful global e bookshop with no real competition they can set the rules whatever they want, publishers have little choice to also offer their books on Amazon, even if it means little profits. Besides this, on Amazon a vegan book is not visible for visitors, unless you actively search for it. In real bookshops however, vegan books are just as visible as any books to any non vegan bookshop customer.)

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