Monday, 21 July 2014

What's cooking 2

Yesterday I blogged about my disappointing experience with a MEATLES recipe. Well, the next day after this Broccoli Pesto failure, I had a much better cooking day with a Thai curry dish.

Curry paste is usually made with shrimp paste but last week I saw curry paste without shrimp paste in the “Macro” shop. And it was pretty exciting to see not one, two, or three, but a whopping six different flavors of curry paste, which I did buy all and will try out the coming months.

Since these curry pastes are NOT vegan “Jay” curry pastes, they DO contain garlic, which is a basic and authentic ingredient of a Thai curry paste. (“Jay” is the Thai Chinese style of veg Buddhist cooking ; besides no animal ingredients also various plants like garlic are not used.)
I like garlic, so it is great to see a vegan curry paste with it!

Okay, i will blog more about vegan curries later, keep in touch. :-)

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