Thursday, 4 September 2014

Delicious Tofu Mushroom Sandwich!

Pan fried slices of champignons, slices of herbed soft tofu, sharp tasting daikon sprouts, thin tomato slices and a good old fashioned squirt of Dijon mustard makes this a great and tasty sandwich.

A while ago I did buy a vegan cooking book that was totally devoted to the fine art of making vegan cheeses.
It looked totally awesome but unfortunately too many recipes do use ingredients that are not available here Thailand, such as non dairy yoghurt, xanthan gum, and nutritional yeast flakes.

But I wouldn’t be “me” if that would be a problem!! Instead of making these elaborate refined vegan cheeses, I put the vegan cheese book away and figured how to make a few basic recipes.

The first recipe is of “Basil Ricotta Tofu”. What’s in a name? In the former Herwin’s Vegan Café I called this one “Vegan Basil Ricotta Cheese” and the omnivore customers loved it! Mind you, basically it is just crumbled tofu with a dash of olive oil and herbs but if I would have called it “Crumbled Herbed Tofu” the omni’s and possibly also the vegans would have shunned it.

Basil Ricotta Tofu (or when you have omni friends you call it “vegan Ricotta Cheese…)

Most recipes for this well known vegan “cheese” call for nutritional yeast to get that “cheesy flavor” but I say don’t get too nostalgic about “cheesy flavors”, educate your taste buds to appreciate “tofu flavors” instead! Seriously, the omni customers of the former vegan café raved about it while I never used nutritional yeast, so why don’t you, a vegan, try the same?

Basically, you crumbly firm tofu with your hands into a mixing bowl, add a royal dash of virgin olive oil, some finely chopped garlic, a cup of fresh basil leaves (important ingredient), some salt and pepper (moderate!) and some (dried) herbs like oregano, and squeeze the whole mix for a minute of 5. Use immediately or store in fridge. Keeps good for three days or so. Use in spaghetti, on pizza, on a sandwich, salad, etc.

Herbed Soft Tofu.

Okay, I might give this one a fancy cheesy name like vegan mozzarella or zummmmthing, but I won’t. If it’s tofu I like to call it tofu. ;-)
This recipe is almost too simple but it turns soft tofu into a nice smooth tasting tofu slices ideal for a sandwich or bun. Super easy to make.

Simply cut soft tofu in slices, drizzle with virgin olive oil and sprinkle with some dried herbs of your choice like oregano and put in refrigerator. Slices go great on a bun with fried mushrooms and sprouts!

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