Saturday, 11 October 2014

SHOCKING: Restaurant Serves Meat!

A restaurant of a wild life park in Zurich serves meat of deer and boar that is raised in its wild life park.
Besides that, it also feeds it’s predators with meat from horses and bison raised in its wild life park. (The animals are not tossed in alive with the predators but butchered by humans.)

Sentimental “animal lovers” are outraged and even started some form of online protest to demand that the wild life park stops killing its surplus large mammals and stop feeding them to people and the park predators.
I guess the animal lovers will stop their protest and happily start visiting the wild life facility (animal prison) again once free range deer and bison meat has been replaced by meat from tortured pigs and cows and chickens from factory farms.
Monthy Pythonesque.
Surprisingly also some vegans and ARA’s join the outrage.
Read here an article on Ecorazzi, an excellent website promoting veganism and animal rights, usually cool headed with spot on remarks, this time hopelessly lost in sobbing sentimentality.
Ecorazzi even quotes a dubious remark from World Animal Protection (?) containing the myth that zoo’s are some sort of “conservation program” with breeding programs that help animals in the wild. Pure nonsense, the purpose of breeding programs is to raise some cute baby animals and so attract large crowds of paying visitors. When the born-in-captive animal is adult and not cute anymore, it is sold to other zoo’s, and when that is not possible, quietly euthanized, or in this case, butchered and served in the restaurant.

 “People go to zoos because they love animals and they want to see them and to know that they are part of an active conservation program, and they are actually helping to protect wild animals in the world. I’m sure if they are aware that the animals actually ended up on their plates at lunchtime, then they’ll vote with their feet and won’t go to the zoo.”
The Ecorazzi article ends with a spot on remark from Andreas Rüttiman, of the Foundation for the Animal in the Law, that any rational vegan and ARA should embrace;
 “There is in my opinion no reason why the slaughter of zoo animals should be reprehensible in ethical terms as the slaughter of pigs, cattle or other so-called farm animals.
Ecorazzi responds with a cheeky “um, we disagree.”
What is happening here? Butchering animals that lived their life in relatively freedom in a wild life park and never experienced extreme cruelty, is ethically more wrong then butchering factory farm animals who endured extreme cruelty 24-7 from birth to death?
Why do we have to travel thousands of miles to get outraged, while in your own city or town there are dozens of restaurants and supermarkets serving factory farmed animal products?

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