Thursday, 6 November 2014


Hello my vegan blog visitors,

I will stop blogging for a while and start to concentrate, and spend my limited time, on a new project in real life right here in Udon Thani City.

The project will actively try to connect with real people and promote a vegan diet, I have very good hopes that it might become a mild success. That is all I want to share for now. Okay, I am aiming at Thai people, not the local foreigners.

To start a project can be very cheap; place an add on a forum and wait for responses. That is what I did the beginning this year trying to start an Udon Thani Vegan Meetup group. One foreign person showed up. That didn't work out so well, i did see little hope for improvements and ended the project.

Now to start a SUCCESFULL project is a different story. You need to be very active and spend much time in real life joining the very people that you want to connect with, connect with them, make them interested, and e.g. have leaflets with info available for interested people, and actively handing them out with a smile on your face and a nice story to tell.

I have some experience with organizing, in Tokyo for a while i organized meet ups for Japanese people, which were attended well.

People that know me, know that after the Herwin's Vegan Café closed a few years ago, I have been more or less financially challenged. So if you want to sponsor the vegan project in Udon Thani I don’t object at all! You can email and ask for more details about the project and what’s the money for.

Cheerios for now, and kudos to all ya blog visitors from Poland, Canada, USA, France, Thailand, Russia, Philippines, Holland, Germany and other countries!

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