Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Farm Sanctuary And Gene Baur

Left: Gene Baur's best selling and inspiring book Farm Sanctuary, Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food.
Right. Gene's new book LIVING the FARM SANCTUARY LIFE

I just finished an interview with Gene Baur, the co founder of Farm Sanctuary.

The interview will be published in the upcoming Christmas issue of GoVeg.

Gene Baur is one of the pioneers who in the 1980s personally visited slaughterhouses and factory farms to see and learn about the conditions that farm animals are raised and slaughtered. 

Occasionally Gene did encounter  and rescued farm animals that were too sick and had lost their commercial value to their owners, and instead of receiving veterinary care were simply thrown away in a trash can or on a pile of dead animals, and left to die, from their sickness or hunger and starvation. If that doesn’t make you a vegan, what does, eh?

Gene Baur did found Farm Sanctuary to give these rescued abused farm  animals a new home, and, to give farm animals a voice and expose the  inhumane factory farm system which was, especially in these days without the internet, little known to people.

I really enjoyed my interview with Gene, and to me, a three decade vegan and animal rights activists, his answers were deeply inspiring to me. Gene is both uncompromising, he isn’t a believer in Happy Meat and isn’t afraid to express that sentiment, he simply promotes veganism, yet is very positive to other people who are not yet vegan. He actively sees the potential and the good in people, people who are not fully vegan, and even in omnivore people he sees the good, the humanity and the potential, which is very refreshing and powerful ,and exactly the stuff that encourages people to connect and societies to change. And that is what we and our animal friends need.

Gene Baur did wrote FARM SANCTUARY, Changing Hearts And Minds About Animals And Food.
Especially for long time vegans and animal rights activists, I really recommend this powerful and inspiring book.

Gene Baur’s new book is called LIVING THE FARM SANCTUARY LIFE, and if you want to buy a book the coming month, make sure it is this book. Really.

Gene’s books are not only useful and inspiring for decade long vegans and animal rights activists, his books with his gentle yet strong and original  and inspiring message also make excellent books to give to your omnivore friends and family, and just might touch and change their heart in favor of the farm animals.

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