Saturday, 3 January 2015

Interview Gene Baur, Founder Farm Sanctuary.

My interview with Gene Bauer, founder of Animal Sanctuary, has been published last month in GoVeg.

GoVeg is a bimonthly bilingual (English and Chinese) paper full color vegan magazine, published in Hong Kong. For the online edition click on the image.

Gene Bauer’s story how it all began, how he personally invested slaughterhouses and stockyards and witnessed the cruelty and saved animals that were left to die, the stories of the rescued animals, past and present, the achievements of Animal Sanctuary, let it all be an inspiration to us to become active for the abused animals out there.

The online edition of GoVeg is available at

The most touching stories are to be found at the website of Animal Sanctuary about some of the actual animals that have been rescued.

My favorite story is the story of Mario the Bull who so heartwarmingly was rescued by a regular truck driver who, instead of taking young Mario from the pile of dead animals straight to the slaughterhouse, which was his job, took great efforts and made sure Mario instead made it to the Sanctuary.

Read some of the unique rescue stories of individual animals. The beauty and power of these stories is that it is about individual animals. Worthwhile, don't skip it.

However, since many of the GoVeg readers are Chinese lacto ovo vegetarians, I didn't include Mario’s touching story but the story of Symphony the rescued battery chicken, to point out the cruelty behind eggs.

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