Sunday, 11 January 2015

"Je Suis Charlie"


Cover of the Charlie Hebdo. In memory of the killed cartoonists who in a peaceful way and with great humor dealt with social issues like extremists.

Charlie Hebdo is the only French newspaper that dedicates a weekly column to animal rights, tackling issues such as bullfighting and foie gras. Above are just a few recent examples. More cartoons can be found here on Peta.

Cowardly Muslim extremist with a screw loose in their brain and zero compassion for their fellow men have attacked and massacred 12 unarmed cartoonists, including one veg cartoonist, and staff from the French satirical magazine CHARLIE HEBDO.

CARTOONISTS!!! People with a pencil in their hand have been killed by religious fanatics with a machine gun in their hand. What a way to become a Martyr!!! Their families must be so proud to have produced such losers.

The BRAVE SURVIVORS of the massacre have decided to continue their work for the magazine and not let themselves be intimidated by these cowardly killers. One word, true heroes. Repeat. True heroes. Continuing ones mission while 12 people around you have been brutally liquidated is pure heroism.

Cineast Theo van Gogh was hacked to death by a fanatic Muslim in Amsterdam, other western cartoonists have been attacked and bombed, organizers of peaceful and creative Face book protests have been intimidated with death threats, all by  extreme narrow minded Muslims with a low self esteem and nothing better to do.

It is a long list of people in the west who have been life threatened and killed by extreme Muslim terrorists, simply for being critical or satirical, for their free expression, or for their politics, which we might not agree with, but hey, that is democracy, you know, the place where we live and which allows us to voice our dissent, be who we are without fear of being hacked to death. Thank you very much.

There are still many people who have received death threats and who have to constantly fear of being killed by fanatic Muslims.

Worryingly, these brutal and cowardly attacks are many times cheered by too many Muslims living in western countries. Also worrying, liberals are too often too keen to show how pc they are, by loudly voicing that these terrorists are not true Muslims. How ignorant can one be? A western atheist judging that somebody is not a “real” Muslim.

Often these liberals try to put the blame on the victims and try to censure them. Yeah, right, we all should keep our mouth shut, don’t voice our opinion, don’t be satirical, critical, in fear of upsetting religious fanatics. Holy cow! Now THAT is scary! And hypocritical, we can rightfully make jokes about the Catholic Church, the POTUS, just anyone, but when it comes to Islam we have to bow our head and be silent? Worrying.

Anyway, it seems these attacks through the decades are not the work of some deranged Lone Wolves but structural, and supported by many. Worrying again.

Make no mistake, these terrorists massacres are not because America is bombing the shit out of Middle East countries and killing bus loads of innocent people, I am avoiding the word WAR CRIMES here, which happens, and which is an absolute disgrace. We compassionate and just people understand and sympathize with that. Strongly. Stop The Oil wars.

 No. These bloodbaths of innocent and completely decent people are because a Western cartoonist in a Western country did publish in a Western magazine a silly cartoon of a bearded guy. That apparently is enough to be killed.

Say what you want about these despicable Christians, but at least THE LIFE OF BRIAN didn’t provoke a blood bath. John Cleese last time I checked was still alive.

Religions like Islam and Christianity, the less the better is my opinion.

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