Friday, 16 May 2014

A New Vegan Cafe?

Late at night and just tossing with the idea of a new vegan café. What is more fun than to let the creative fluids run and make some logos? (rhetorical question.)

Left logo.
My first vegan café was named “Herwin’s Vegan Café”. By adding an extra F (“Caffe”) it sounds a bit more classy. Me like it!

Right Logo.
By far the most popular foods in the Herwin’s Vegan Café were pizzas and cakes, especially popular with non vegetarian people who liked the taste and the quality ingredients. So a bakery / lunchroom might be a good idea. And since we are targeting non veg people, let’s drop the name >vegan< and make a more neutral yet inspiring name. >Tokyo Pizza< suggests a new kind of pizza flavor, not the traditional Italian flavors or the western meat and cheese pizza’s.
Only in smaller print we can read >vegan< and >whole food<.

Left logo Burn In Hell. 
Funny to make this logo but few people would dare to enter such a vegan café, and changes of attracting ordinary non vegetarians/vegans is close to zero, which, is not good.

Right logo.

Eco is hip, it’s cool, it’s fashionable, got a lot of potential and it’s growing. Everybody loves eco. While the word  >vegan< in big letters can be a put off for some ordinary people and prevents them from entering a vegan café and so trying vegan food (something we are trying to achieve), the word >eco< also has a substance and a good ring, yet it doesn’t scare away ordinary non veg people. >Eco< is also a good theme for a eatery. It is friendly and inspiring.
>The Eco Café< also gives the right buzz about what one can expect for food; fresh and quality natural ingredients,  whole food, and of course vegan.
Second hand furniture, home delivery by bicycle and take out boxes from recycled material (both just like I did at the Herwin’s Vegan Café), all in all it fits well with the vegan concept. The combination of vegan and eco is  a unique, inspiring, modern and appealing image to the ordinary non veg people that we want as customer. And it also happens to appeal to me. ;-)

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