Friday, 16 May 2014

DOGS IN THAILAND Part 1 Introduction

Dogs in Thailand? You must have guessed it, this article is about the (written with double decker capitals accompanied with suspenseful background music) Dog..Meat..Trade….NOT.

The >dog meat trade<  understandably still  is a favorite for meat eating westerners who now can clear their conscience with a “I might eat  pigs and cows, but at least I don’t eat dogs like THEM.”, but the truth is that >eating dog<, once normal in some rural parts of Thailand, now is rare and has almost vanished.

Now pig meat is the poor men’s meat. Western style concentrated pig farming, with the typical western style pig breed and all the western style, has replaced the age old Thai pig farm, with more natural Thai pigs who at least roamed free in large pens outside. Animal cruelty in Thailand? Pllllease don’t start about dog meat or Thai markets with bush meat. Thai animal cruelty? Don’t think exotic cruelty, think factory farming, pigs, chickens, massive numbers and the same endless cruelty that all factory farm animals worldwide have to endure. In ruralish northwest Thailand where I currently live, I don’t see dog catchers or dog meat, I only see everyday day pick up trucks and large trucks filled with pink pigs to their way to the slaughterhouse

This article is about street dogs in Thailand. Unlike in many other countries like Mexico, where skinny and scruffy street dogs live a pitiful life, often mistreated by local people, Thai street dogs are well fed and well taken care of by local people. 

The Thai street dog story is a heart warming and unique story and involves the Thai King, who is a well know animal lover and rescued many animals.

Street dogs in Bangkok lying on the sidewalk. They are well fed and not begging for food, and with a healthy fur. Unlike street dogs in other countries, they are on friendly terms with people, nobody bothers them. 

Bangkok street dogs taking a nap in a telephone boot. Again, no skinny scruffy dogs but well fed and healthy looking dogs.

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