Sunday, 2 November 2014

Thai Ruralish Wildlife Part 2

from left to right
1. Toad taking a dip in the water bowl of the cat. No matter i bring it outside, the next evening it is back in the water! A homing toad!!
2. A giant female walking stick with a small sized, and hardly noticeable, male walking stick on her back in the process of mating. Enjoy the fun, you little fellow!!
3. A 7 inch centipede is no laughing matter. They can creep everywhere including, as they did one time, in the bed, and deliver a nasty bite.

Local wild life that I encountered here in ruralish Thailand include a non poisonous snake, toads, frogs, highly poisonous insects like black scorpions and giant centipedes, funny looking insects like a giant praying mantras and giant walking sticks, and a sparrow.

Animals that I encountered outside the house include colorful birds like bee eaters, various snake species, small iguanas which are abundant and a local delicacy, gecko’s, amphibians, an incidental squirrel, and a 12 feet constrictor snake.

Interestingly this large snake is a well known local wild life resident and occasionally seen by the locals, and, more interestingly, the locals don’t kill this particular big snake because they believe it is not a regular snake but some kind of spiritual being or something. Superstition, I love it!!

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