Sunday, 2 November 2014

Teddy The Turtle

from left to right:
1. Meet Teddy The Turtle!
2. Teddy inspects his new home.
3. And there Teddy goes, in the cool water, happy as can be.

Giving a helping hand to our animal friends in need always makes my day. :-)

Today I did find a turtle in a big bucket of the neighbor.                 

Not sure if the neighbor did found the turtle and wanted to release it in a river, you might be surprised but that was a real possibility; releasing an animal is common in Thailand and is done as a Buddhist virtue of kindness to animals, or that the neighbor had more sinister plans with Teddy the Turtle, as in, cooking it for dinner.

I didn’t plan to wait and find out, , so I took my hard shelled new friend on the bike to a nearby river.

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