Sunday, 8 February 2015

He Is back!!

I blogged before about one of my park dogs missing since the end of last year.

To my big surprise I saw him yesterday just two streets away from his old spot near the park.
Two months ago he was a bit scruffy recovering from a skin diseases, and skinny. Now he was looking healthy again and well fed.

I am a bit puzzled why at the same time both my dogs disappeared the end of last year. Somebody chased  them away? That is a rhetorical question.

Anyway it is great to see my dog has found a new place and apparently is doing fine which means that, as is so usual in Thailand, a kind hearted  local Thai person feeds him on a regular basis.

To tell a bit more about the complex social behavior of this dog. He is extremely well behaving. He also was at the time very well behaving towards my other park dog. I could feed them both and this dog, bigger and more healthy (the other dog was recovering from a serious injury) would gently tolerate that the other dog could eat. 
On the other, he would vigorously chase away another particular dog that i knew. This particular dog was healthy and not a real street dog.
This is guessing but why tolerate one dog and chase away the other dog. I think that it is because he is simply a gentle dog, he knows that that particular dog was injured and my friend, so he accepted that dog into our social circle. 

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